Air Jordan 1 Retro Mid Unc

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Air Jordan 1 Retro Mid Unc

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First produced in 1984 for basketball legend Michael Jordan, Peter Moore’s original design for the Air Jordan 1 has itself risen to legendary status in the intervening years. Right out of the gate, the Air Jordan 1 was like forbidden fruit, having been originally banned by the NBA for breaking its “51% rule,” according to which all players’ shoes should be at least 51% white. Ironically, the Air Jordan 1, with its Nike swoosh logo and its high-top silhouette, couldn’t be worn by the very player whose name it bore during his rookie year of 1984. The following year, Nike took advantage of this and scored a tremendous marketing coup, introducing additional colorways like Chicago and Black Toe, which had more white in them. Royal Blue and Black/Red were other major colorways introduced during this time. The shoe’s outlaw status remained, making it a constantly and consistently desired item. Indeed, Nike would re-release the Air Jordan 1 in 1994, 2001-2004 and 2014-2019, calling these other versions the Jordan 1 Retro. Like the player who wore them, the Air Jordan 1 is a revered and unforgettable legend.

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